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 I Love Hats!

I have been sewing and designing costumes from some of my earliest childhood memories.

For inspiration, I draw on art, nature and fabrics. The way different fabrics work together, and using colors to create a simple or bold statement have always fascinated me. Using clothing to communicate a mood, personality or occasion depending on shape, color, texture.

I remember creating dresses for my dolls and pony toys as a child, while my mother sewed clothes and costumes. I studied costume design in high school and college, and fell in love with all things Shakespeare and Elizabethan. I started making hats when I was accessorizing a gown for Renaissance festivals. From there, my interest in blocking and modern hats grew. The methods and construction of millinery are challenging, and I enjoy the intricacies that go into such a small yet impactful accessory. The style, shape and material of a hat can emphasize features of the wearers face, add or reduce height, work with or cover a hair style, and create a mood. Hats always draw attention, and add a bit of glamour, even to everyday wear.

All of my hats are hand blocked, by molding damp steamed felt, straw or buckram over wooden molds, called "hat blocks". Some of my hat blocks are quite old, and some I have purchased new or carved myself.

I only produce hand made hats and fascinators, everything from blocking to trim. My hats are not imported or produced by a third party. Each of my hats is a unique, one of a kind piece.

My wish is that each hat will bring joy and emphasize the loveliness of the wearer.

I have two Etsy shops:
Modern Hats at Jennifer Millinery
Renaissance Hats at FolieJolie
And a Facebook page where I post updates and project pics
And a Blog that I could be writing for more often:

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